2007 Farmingdale State Women's Soccer Roster

No. Name Pos. Cl. Hgt. Hometown High School
0 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Nicole Zarek GK So. 5'3" Massapequa, NY Farmingdale
1 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Elizabeth Essig D/M Sr. 5'2" West Babylon, NY West Babylon
2 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Julia Benitez M/D So. 4'11" West Hempstead, NY West Hempstead
3 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Kaitlin O'Brien D Jr. 5'4" East Islip, NY East Islip
4 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Angelica Seccafico F/M Fr. 5'0" West Babylon, NY West Babylon
5 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Tricia Pickford M/F So. 5'7" Massapequa Park, NY Massapequa
6 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Kristine Ostrem F So. 5'3" West Islip, NY West Islip
7 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Renee Schondebare F So. 5'3" Selden, NY Newfield
8 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Victoria Brown F So. 5'2" Amityville, NY St. John the Baptist
9 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Georgia Ferrara D Fr. 5'3" Staten Island, NY St. Joseph by the Sea
10 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Anna-Marie Rivera M Fr. 5'5" Bay Shore, NY Brentwood
11 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Brittani Stern D Fr. 5'3" Melville, NY Centereach
12 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Christina Cascio F So. 5'4" Kings Park, NY Kings Park
13 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Danielle Paruolo D Fr. 5'6" Valley Stream, NY Valley Stream South
14 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Michelle Rizo F Jr. 5'3" Queens, NY John Adams
15 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Alyssa Fleming M/F So. 5'3" Levittown, NY Island Trees
16 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Angela Barea D Sr. 5'7" Levittown, NY Island Trees
17 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Monica Grisales M/D So. 5'7" Brentwood, NY Brentwood
18 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Kimberly Sontag GK So. 5'9" Lynbrook, NY Lynbrook
19 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Meredithe Chandler-Lopez M Fr. 5'4" Smithtown, NY Smithtown West
20 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Julie Fox D Fr. 5'4" Smithtown, NY Smithtown
21 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Katie Rocks D Fr. 5'6" Farmingdale, NY Farmingdale
22 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Kristy McEvoy D/M So. 5'0" West Islip, NY West Islip
23 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Amanda Biondi M So. 5'6" West Islip, NY West Islip
24 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Jennifer Jung M So. 5'6" New Hyde Park, NY Herricks
25 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Aimee Bianco M Fr. 5'4" Babylon, NY West Babylon
26 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Kelly LaRose D Fr. 5'3" Mineola, NY Saint Mary's
28 ${bio.get('first_name')} ${bio.get('last_name')} full bio Amber Silver D Fr. 5'4" Smithtown, NY Smithtown West