Athletics Spotlight with Sara Rivadeneyra

Farmingdale, N.Y. - Farmingdale State athletic department intern, Sara Rivadeneyra, writes her second feature story of the semester. Sara interviewed Nick Capone, a junior on the men's lacrosse team.

Started From The Bottom by Sara Rivadeneyra

Joining a sport in college is an adjustment from high school, according to Nick Capone, a junior on the Men's Lacrosse team. Nick Capone started every game all throughout high school and even before that. Once he came to Farmingdale, he realized things were going to be different. Nick remembers his freshman year preseason clearly because he confessed that he wasn't nearly as prepared as he should have been. "I was throwing up and just didn't feel like myself." At that point, Nick knew he was going to have to put in the extra effort if he wanted to be a starting player again. Once the actual season came around in the spring, Nick realized this was the first time he wouldn't be starting, and the feeling didn't come easy for him. Nick stated, "I felt like I always had a chip on my shoulder. I felt like I needed to prove myself and work harder, but it only made me more motivated." Halfway through the season he felt so discouraged that he considered quitting, but with encouragement from his teammates, he decided to hang in there.

Sophomore year for Nick brought different opportunities when a player got injured and a spot opened up. He still wasn't starting every single game as he hoped, but he was certainly getting more playing time than the previous year. After devoting extra time and energy in the gym, the coaches saw his improvements and he was named Captain and also received the Second Team All-Conference Award at the end of the season.

Nick is now a junior year and is excited for what lacrosse holds in store for him. He has come a long way since freshman year, so I asked him if he is completely satisfied where he's at. Nick answered, "I'm never satisfied; there's always a new goal to set. My next goal is First Team All-Conference. My ultimate goal is All-American. I'm the most satisfied with myself I've ever been, but I'm still not where I want to be."

His next step in this journey of working on himself is to be the best leader he can possibly be and to take the team to the "next level". Nick said, "I don't have many personal goals because it's all about my team". Nick hopes to lead the team to a Skyline Conference Championship, which would lead them to the NCAA Tournament. Nick is proof that any athlete can start from the bottom and make their way up if they decide to put in the time and hard work.