Athletics Spotlight with Sara Rivadeneyra

Farmingdale, N.Y. - Farmingdale State athletic department intern, Sara Rivadeneyra, provides us with her first feature story of the semester. Sara interviewed Meghan Cleary, a current senior on the women's basketball team and former women's soccer player. Read her story below.

Life Playing Two Collegiate Sports (by Sara Rivadeneyra)

Playing one sport in college takes a lot of time and energy. For people like Meghan Cleary, they take it even one step further and play two collegiate sports. Meghan Cleary, a senior in the Sports Management program, is a women's soccer and basketball student-athlete at Farmingdale State. Meghan played soccer her freshman season, and by the time her sophomore year approached, she decided she also wanted to play basketball.

Adding that extra sport was a transition, as Meghan informed me. She stated, "When soccer ended in November, the basketball team had already started their preseason." I then asked her if it was hard transitioning into her basketball season when her team had already started before her. She said, "it was tough the first year of basketball because she wasn't familiar with the team and didn't know a lot of the team yet. Although, everyone was extremely welcoming and nice, so the transition was never a difficult adjustment."

Along with the time dedicated for practice, the travel for away games takes up a majority of time. Meghan didn't have a job while playing sports because all of her time was dedicated to either practices, games, traveling, or schoolwork. Since Meghan started basketball a year later than soccer, she still has one more season of hoops and traveling with her teammates. Meghan did confess that she misses soccer and being around the girls, but while having more time to focus on her schoolwork, she feels as if her grades will be better than previous fall semesters.

After Meghan graduates, she will be focusing on getting a job in the sports industry. She is optimistic of getting a job in this field because sports have been a major aspect of her life for as long as she can remember. Meghan's dream job is to become an SID, which is a Sports Information Director. She also said another dream job of hers is to become an AD, which is an Athletic Director. Meghan is an extremely motivated person and has high hopes for her future plans and dreams. By continuing the hard work and dedication she used throughout her collegiate career, I am sure all her dreams will come true.