Information for Our Coaches



All coaches must hand in a list of current athletes to the athletic training staff by June 1 for the following school term. This list should include the athlete’s name, student RAM number and email address. Please notify the sports medicine staff of athletes that are accepted after the above date.

If there are late additions to the list, please contact the sports medicine staff as soon as possible so that health and wellness can be notified of the additions.   

All coaches should inform their incoming athletes of the required forms needed during the summer months. All athletes must complete these forms and submit them to the athletic training room along with clearance notes from the health and wellness center to be deemed cleared. All these forms and instructions are located on the Farmingdale State College Athletics Page under Sports Medicine/ Athlete Clearance.

The Sports Medicine Staff will send an updated report to the coach when the athlete is cleared for participation. Coaches will be provided with a complete list of “cleared athletes” on a daily basis.

  • It is mandatory that all coaches hand in a practice schedule two weeks in advance to the athletic training staff. Adjustments will be made due to inclement weather.
  • Once an athlete is seeking treatment for injuries, the sports medicine staff will inform the coach when the athlete is able to return to practice and/or games.
  • No athlete will be able to get treatment during practice hours. Please refer to treatment policies.
  • Medical Kits: All coaches are assigned a medical kit. They are responsible for the medical kit and it being restocked. Please return your medical kits to the sports medicine staff 24 hours prior to an away game.
  • For travel: All medical kits will have a travel roster, along with all medical information and insurance information in case of an emergency. These medical kits must be carried at all times to away contests. This is an Athletic Training Skyline Conference by-law.


  • Athletes will find all information regarding the clearance process and all paperwork on Farmingdale Sports Webpage under the Sports Medicine tab.
  • Any questions please have them seek the sports medicine staff.
  • It is the student-athletes responsibility to hand in paperwork to the athletic training staff.
  • Coaches will get updated on all cleared athletes.

Some Important Information


  • All student-athletes must receive a new physical every year.
  • They can receive their physical through their own physician or through the health and wellness center.
  • If they receive their physical through their own physician they must have their physician fill out this form and submit it to health and wellness

  •  Athletes can call Health and Wellness Center for all appointments at (934) 420-2009. 
  • Once Health and Wellness receives their physical they will then obtain a clearance card from the health and wellness center. This clearance card then must be handed in to the athletic training staff. (NOTE: only the student-athlete themselves can pick up the clearance card)

****If they are not added to the current team roster, they will be charged a fee for their physical. Only if their name is on the list at the health and wellness center will they then be allowed to get a free physical.****


  • ALL athletes are required to have medical insurance. If the athlete's insurance waiver omits a parental insurance coverage, they will be asked to obtain the school insurance for a fee.
  • The insurance coverage from the school can be purchased at Student Accounts in Laffin Hall.
  • If student-athletes changes or drops their medical coverage in the middle of the year. They must notify the athletic training staff immediately.


**Farmingdale State College will assume no responsibility whatsoever for the payment of, or authorization to pay, medical expenses resulting in injuries that occur while participating in intercollegiate athletics at Farmingdale State College.**