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Farmingdale State Hosts Miracle League Game

Farmingdale State Hosts Miracle League Game

- Rams Host Indoor Baseball Game for MLLI -

Farmingdale, N.Y. - Farmingdale State College Athletics recently hosted an indoor baseball game for the Miracle League of Long Island, an organization that gives people with disabilities a chance to play America's favorite pastime.
The Miracle League is an internationally-recognized organization with more than 240 local leagues spanning across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Australia.

“The Long Island Chapter is fairly new,” said Kristine Fitzpatrick, Miracle League of Long Island Organizer. “We only started this past fall.”

“In the game, every child gets the opportunity to get up at bat, whether he or she hits off of a T or gets pitched to, whatever their ability is,” Fitzpatrick said.

The Miracle League of Long Island has their volunteers, referred to as "BUDDYs," an acronym for Because Unbelievable Dedication Deserves You, team up with the players to assist them in the game.

“BUDDYs run with them, help them hit the ball and also protect them in the field, so that they don’t get hit with the ball,” Fitzpatrick said.

This game’s BUDDYs consisted of volunteers from the Farmingdale State College's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), the women’s softball team, women's soccer team and men’s golf team.

“In today’s game, the word no does not exist. No matter what the kids do, everyone is here to have fun and we will do just that," said Gina Manolis, the Miracle League of Long Island Board secretary explained to the volunteers.

The game had approximately 30 kids registered to play ball. During the game, every child’s name was announced when he or she went up to bat and they were cheered on from the start of running the bases until they reached home plate. Each child was given the opportunity to score a point and experience what it is like to play baseball.

To find out how you can volunteer and help the Miracle League of Long Island, please visit their website at